What is Webtrader?

No matter if you do not have any clue where to begin with trading, Web Trading is developed for beginner traders. Its simplicity to surf, understand and use will bring much more fun and profits into your trading experience. It is free, no need to download, access it directly from the browser. We recommend starting with the beginner account, which consists of lots of features and a firm minimum investment of 250 €.

Web Trader is a powerful, in-house trading platform with advanced trading capabilities like instant execution orders, stop loss & take profits functions, easily customizable according to the trader preferences. An outstanding customer service team is available during business days, working hours.

Web Trader is created to make the trading process easier for beginner traders and others who are not very familiar with technology. There is no need for download, installation process or additional conditions. One click and the platform will be open in the browser. It is compatible with any operating system you might be using.

There are some features of Web Trader we are really proud of. You will find detailed market categorization, like Forex is shown in major, minor and exotic pairs; commodities are categorized into metals, energy, agriculture and livestock; stocks and indices according to the industries they belong to. It is a favorable trading environment, created to bring ease to traders.

Any movement in the market will be shown in the platform through the events section. Detect any market opportunity and transform it in an open position at the right moment. Markets are divided in categories, this will make it easier for you to refer to any of their assets. Interactive charts, 9 timeframes, 23 analytical objects and 30 technical indicators are available anytime for traders who choose Web Trader.

Advanced features

User-friendly interface

Web trader was developed to be as easy to use as possible for beginner traders, yet powerful enough to handle any strategy they want to implement.


Change the look of the interface as you wish. What data you want to see in the interface. Decide if you want news and events to stay on the screen all the time or not. And so on.


It works on your computer using very low resources. This is what gives quick reaction times when you are implementing your trade orders.

Wide range of advanced functions

Explore the platform once you open your account. This way you will know where to search what. You will see that the platforms provide everything you need to succeed.

In detail trading markets

Major, minor and exotic currency pairs, commodities specified in agriculture, metals, energy assets. 30 indicators, 24 graphical objects for technical analysis and 9 time-frames, from one minute to one month.

What determines the amount of profit?

- The value of capital invested
- The size of the leverage you choose.
- Commission to open the deal
- Commission to transfer the deal to the next day
- The opening and closing price difference
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Separated accounts

In accordance with international trading standards, our company keeps clients funds in different banks and accounts, so there is an absolute separation between clients money and company’s balance sheets. Your funds are secure and not possible to be used by any other party, except of you.

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SSL-protection standard

We protect your data and financial transactions with banking-level security standards. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a 128-bit encryption standard, which enables you to safely surf, trade and your data is not possible to be used by third parties.

ID account verification

After you open an account with Ex 22 Webtrader, you will have to upload your personal ID/ passport scanned and an address proof. We want to be sure that the account belongs to you and all the transactions (deposits and withdraws) are done by you, secured and authorized.